Prajnaparamita, Goddess of the Three Times

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original gouache and mineral paint and gold acrylics on linen 2013


The concept of the goddess Prajnaparamita originally began as a reverence for sacred writings about paths to wisdom, handed down and preserved, in a time when books and writings and education were scarce and hard to come by. Over time these writings, or “sutras”, called the “Perfection of wisdom”, or “Prajnaparamita”, were distilled into two great works, the Diamond Sutras and the Heart Sutras. These texts were the subject of worship in Mahayana Buddhism, in much the same way that devotional figures were. Under the influence of Tantric Buddhism they became deified as a goddess of wisdom. Prajnaparamita is also called the mother of all three times, past, present and future.  She is supposed to be radiantly beautiful and sweet.

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