Para, the Supreme Goddess

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original gouache and mineral paint and gold acrylics on cotton 2014

Parā the Ancient Tantric Mother Goddess, Origin of all Goddesses

Parā nourishes the universe by pouring forth the nectar of life.  She is the hidden energy, the luminous white light, the original creator, observer, and destroyer, presiding over the destruction and transformation of the universe.  Her Sanskrit name means “supreme” as she is the highest manifestation of a goddess, and the ancient source of many other goddesses.  Sarasvatī is her non-tantric equivalent.

Out of nothing, glowing in a dark grove of kadamba trees, she begins to appear. Dressed in spotless white linen and wearing many jewels made of pearl and crystal, her celestial beauty is so blinding that it is difficult to look at her.  Her face contains the radiance of a million stars and the moon rests in her crown.  She holds the book of all wisdom and a crystal akṣamālā rosary for counting her mantras between thumb and index finger, held in the gesture of knowledge.

She is part of a triad of three goddesses.  She is the first one, benevolent and sweet, the initial pre-cognitive impulse towards speech. Her sisters are a little more wild and fierce in their appearance with tongues that flicker in and out of their mouths: red Parāparā, is the act of formation of thought, and black-red Aparā, the speaking of thought. Parā is non-duality, Parāparā is duality cum non-duality, and Aparā is duality.  Parā is the knower, Parāparā the means of knowing, and Aparā, the known.  Parā is similar in concept and form to the Buddhist Prajñāpāramitā,the Perfection of Wisdom'” goddess.

Parā bestows enlightenment, the defeat of death, and the granting of eloquence and knowledge.  She is the very essence of wisdom.