This divination deck of 49 cards contains a smattering of the diverse and multitudinous pantheon of the Buddhist and Hindu world of deities, bodhisattvas, mandalas, demons and historical figures – the famous and the humble.  It is a microcosm of the world at large, and a sort of “Buddhism 101”, a Cliff’s notes study of the basics, with a little Hinduism for spice, from my thangka art painted over the last 15 years.  
O Deity Divine! Is a coloring book that uses humor in word and art, simple short writings like limericks, and analogies from everyday western life, to teach basic ideas about Buddhism.  It is crafted for lay-people, the New Age market, Yoga practitioners, people who just like humor and coloring, and those already immersed in Buddhism and Hinduism, to give them further access to the worlds of Asian art and religion through the relaxing art of coloring. 
“5 Secrets of the River Qi” illustrated and written by Laura Santi, is a book – to be colored or not – about the Chinese philosophy of the 5 Elements and how they create the embryo, and also dissolves our human life when our spirit leaves our body.

All Publications except for “A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses” are available for purchase at To purchase “A Garland of Forgotten Goddesses”, by Michael Slouber, contact University of Washington press.