Courses and Talks

.demonstration thangka painting Trainers club Laura SantiFrom time to time I teach courses in Thangka painting or give lectures.  Below are two examples of courses I’ve taught.

7 day workshop

Traditional Tibetan thankgka painting for beginners,

focusing on the simple mandalas and human, energetic, and secret form of Vajra Varahi, goddess of the Energy of Life

taught by Laura Santi

at Hui Ho’olana, Molokai, Hawaii, October 18 – 25, 2014.

I have the opportunity to teach a 7 day class in beginner/simple thangka painting at a fabulous place called Hui Ho’olana on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, October 18 -25, 2014.  This place is heaven on earth, the cabins and rooms and classroom yurt are spotless, charming and very comfortable, and the gourmet meals served 3 times a day are worthy of any 5 star restaurant – There is a 13 student minimum, and the cost is $1700  for the accomodations, teaching, organic meals from Hui Ho’olana’s garden, and transportation to and from the Molokai airport.  Open to people who have never drawn or painted as well as artists.  RSVP’s by October 15, 2013.


The workshop is open to people who have never held a brush as well as accomplished artists, husbands, wives, family and friends.


Basic Information:

7 day class in (simple/beginning) thangka painting and overview of what thangkas are, as well as time for relaxation and exploration

location:  Hui Ho’olana on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, (

dates:  October 18 -25 2014.

Accommodates 18 people.  I need to hear from interested people by October 5, to reserve the accomodations.

Payments:  non-refundable deposit of $200 due October 15, 2013, followed by $500 payments due December 15, February 15 and June 15.



day one:  meet the staff and settle in, relax and explore

1 hour meeting introductions in pm followed by dinner


days two – seven

45 minutes of yoga geared towards stretching and stimulating energy flow, for all levels of capacity, taught by myself.  I have taught and practiced yoga for over 30 years.

½ hour lecture

2 hours drawing/painting




2 1/2 hour drawing/painting

free time



Day eight


art show! Discussion.  Q&A, closing



Course 2

easel with White mahakala

Thankga Painting:  Techniques, and a Brief Historical and Cultural Overview

This course is a one-day course designed to introduce the interested artist or curious connoisseur to techniques I use in my paintings.  We will discuss and show (this is a demonstration class mixed with lecture in an informal setting around an easel) type and quality of paints and brushes, resources for getting what you need, the importance of the right painting surface, dry brush technique, and more.

The day begins with a brief overview of what thangka painting is, the historical context and styles that developed around the art, and how to bring that into the present to create devotional art that is real for you and/or your patron.  We will talk about making art that is connected to your spirit and the heart of the patron, and how this is the foundation for making a beautiful, satisfying, and useful piece of spiritual art.

Course dates and times to be announced. Contact me to be put on a list of interested participants.   I will email to confirm and let you know tentative times and place (in Portland, Oregon) once we have enough interested parties.

Future Course (that is just a twinkle in my eye):  a week-long class on Molokai, Hawaii, at a secluded estate in the hills:  Hui Ho O’lana.  Accomodations are clean quaint airy sunny cabins, gourmet meals included, and a large yurt or barn to work in.  Each day begins with yoga to prepare us for sitting and working, and ends with sunset viewing on the veranda or trips off site.  This course needs 14 participants to fullfill the costs.  Let me know if you are interested.  Who knows what the future may bring….