5 Secrets of the River Qi: a coloring book for adults and kids

5 secrets listening to tea I combined my love of 5 Element Acupuncture, after practicing it for 24 years, by writing and illustrating an adult coloring book called  “5 Secrets of the River Qi”:  a story of how the elements in nature form into a human body:

“5 Secrets of the River Qi” is a 20 page adult and child coloring book of detailed pen and ink drawings, describing the 5 Element paradigm through which ancient China viewed the world at large: its laws of society and nature, the human body, and healthcare.  This book was written based on the author’s 23 years of experience practicing the 5 Element paradigm in acupuncture practice.  It describes what the elements are and how they form in the body and what that means to us.  For instance it is sometimes very handy to think, “Ok, I’m a bit angry today – did I eat something that bothered my liver so that it had to overwork?”  Instead of “why the heck did I just yell at the dog?”  Its nice to know, sometimes, that emotions, and symptoms, are fixable, and often have their roots in the weather, a season, or that big shot of tequila you had last night. 

”5 Secrets” is written for adults and children in a lighthearted but educational tone.  It is for Chinese medicine aficionados, Spirit Plant Medicine workers, Herbalists, Acupuncturists, and as a Self-Help book for people trying to understand their own nature.   Printed on heavyweight paper so that it can be used as a book after coloring it (or not), You can give it to a child, keep it under the covers for yourself, or put it in a healing healthcare waiting room – it is a versatile book and for a wide variety of audiences with one theme – people who like humor, coloring, and those who can’t help questioning why people are the way they are.

It is currently available at New Renaissance bookstore in Portland Oregon, and online at Etsy.com, and  Amazon.com 


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….we are a part of nature