5 Secrets of the River Qi

5 secrets listening to teaA Pictorial Tale of the Ancient Chinese Philosophy                           of Healing and Life

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Drawing on 29 years of experience as an acupuncturist and artist Laura wrote and illustrated this 44 page coloring book/primer on the 5 Elements in nature.

For ages 9 and up, “5 Secrets” is full of detailed pen and ink drawings describing the 5 Element paradigm through which ancient China viewed the world at large: its laws of society and nature, the human body, and healing. This book describes what the elements are and how they form in the body at conception, influence our behavior and life, and dissolve and shift our state at the time of passing.

”5 Secrets” is written in a lighthearted but educational tone, in a thoughtful, compassionate, and loving way. It is for people trying to understand their own nature and the nature of our lives, Chinese medicine aficionados, Spirit Plant Medicine workers, Herbalists, and Acupuncturists.

“5 secrets” can be used as a book for coloring or not, you can give it to a child, or put it in a healing healthcare waiting room. It has a wide variety of audiences with one theme – why we are the way we are, and what is the nature of life.

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Lonny Jarrett, leader in the field of Chinese medicine, has this to say about “5 Secrets”:

“In 5 Secrets of the River Qi, Laura Santi has transformed her knowledge of Chinese medicine and years of contemplation and cultivation into a delightful book on the five elements, Five Secrets is a visual treat for the eyes calling the reader back for multiple encounters always revealing something new. Forging a living connection with the five elements within and without, engagement with this work will help keep enchantment alive within the developing adolescent and spark the imagination of adults as well. Perfect reading for the waiting room!”

-Lonny Jarrett, Author of Nourishing Destiny and Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine

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