Thangka Gallery

The subjects and compositions in my thankga paintings (thankga” means “rolled scroll in Tibetan) are traditional imagery based on Tibetan Buddhist visionary experience. All of the implements held in the hands, the colors, the hand positions and body postures – all represent energetic states. Thangka art in general expresses what Nepalis and Tibetans have studied and experienced about life and spiritual and visionary experience and sought to explain artistically.   The art form derives from several thousand years of Buddhist practice and cultural evolution beginning in India and then moving into Nepal and Tibet.  It comes from understandings and insights gained from people asking the same age-old questions all cultures have – why are we here, what is this life, and the cosmos, what constitutes spiritual growth – and what is it all for?  I hope you enjoy exploring these themes and the beauty that comes out of them while looking at my art.

Prints of my thangkas can be purchased online or by contacting me directly at