How to order archival quality giclee prints

The giclee prints I sell of my originals look and feel like paintings and don’t loose definition as they are enlarged (unless they are enlarged larger than the sizes I sell them at). Artwork is scanned into a really big “camera”/printer/computer and then printed via a sophisticated inkjet printer, which is 5 feet wide, onto artists’ archival heavyweight watercolor paper. It takes about 15 minutes to print a 24×36 inch print. This allows for the most crisp and accurate print available in printing technology. DurgaSturdinessLauraSantiEach print comes with a printed color border that can take the place of a matt when framing. People often mistake my prints for actual paintings – that’s how good my printer, Brian, from Pearl Printing in Portland, the print technology, and the heavy watercolor paper I print them on, are!

Please note that when you order my prints the sizes vary because the proportions of each piece are slightly different.

You can order prints online at: