About Laura

I enjoy painting Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas and Hindu deities, using gouache, mineral paints and gold on cotton canvases prepared in the traditional way using animal hide and chalk.  I follow the traditions of these styles of painting, but contemporize them so that they have a vibrancy and potency that hopefully touches Buddhists and others new to this sort of art.

I paint in the different formal styes of thangka painting that emerged from different monastic traditions and centuries and continue to evolve my own style as well, synthesized from all of the traditional styles of antiquity. I  feel honored to be one of the contemporary voices of an art form that serves the Buddhist community as it continues to evolve in our present times.

I graduated with an education in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati in 1981, where the emphasis at that time of design done pre-computer, was Swiss-style clean-lined composition, form, and typography as art. I worked in that field for some years and then switched to practicing acupuncture for over two decades.  I returned to painting full-time in 2013.

Prints, original art, 2 coloring books and a 50 card divination deck featuring all of my art may be purchased at  Etsy.com