About Laura’s Painting and Art

IMG_8783I paint Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas and Hindu deities,using gouache, mineral paints and gold on cotton canvases prepared in the traditional way using animal hide and chalk.  My goals are to follow the traditional aspects of this style of painting, but to contemporize it so that it has a vibrancy and potency that can touch not only a Buddhist practitioner, but also others completely unfamiliar with this sort of art.

I received training in this art form from Swami Chetanananda, abbot of the Movement Center in Portland.  I am also a student of Lama Tsering Wangdu Rimpoche, lineage holder of the Longchen Nyingthig, Shije, and Chöd practice traditions, and abbot of Pal Gyi Langkor Jangsem Kunga Ling Monastery in Boudha, Nepal.  SwamijiandRimpocheMy goal is to create something that has life and meaning now for my patrons but also evokes history and antiquity.   I want the art to come from my heart, to be a living representation of the love of spiritual practice and the art form.  I research the deities I’m commissioned to paint to more fully understand the energetic nature that underlies their physical forms, and then strive to be true to that.  I enjoy painting in the different formal styes of thangka painting that evolved over the centuries and in different cultural groups, and continue to evolve my own style as well, synthesized from the traditional styles of antiquity. I  feel honored to be one of the contemporary voices of an art form that serves the Buddhist community as it continues to evolve in our present times.

I graduated with an education in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati in 1981, where the emphasis at that time of design done pre-computer, was Swiss-style clean-lined composition, form, and typography as art. I worked in that field for some years and then switched to practicing acupuncture for two decades.  I returned to painting full-time in 2013.

If you are interested to commission a painting please contact me –
email: Laura@LauraSanti.com.

Prints may be purchased in multiple sizes at TheMovementCenter.com Etsy.com and at TheYoginiProject.org


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